Sunday, June 4, 2017

The end of DSP 2017

Is the end of "DSP 2017" competition the end of this blog?
 No it is surely not.
Did you win?
Somehow I did. My hopes were to be invited to the final gala, and this is what I achieved (all contesters are invited). But I was hoping to finish my game, and the game is not finished yet. The biggest achievment here is, that I am one of  around 180 peaple, that survived till the end of competition. 
Do you think, that you will be in the top 20?
I am sure, that I am not in the top 20. I could have done much more but I didn't.
Are you going to be on the final gala?
We'll see...
Are you happy about, what you already did?
As I mentioned before I could have done much more, but I am happy about what I did. That was the very first real coding experience in my lifetime, where I was not rewriting someone's code (from tutorial for ex.), but writing my own or editing someone's code for my own usage.
Are you going to end Faith The Beginning?
Yes, but not yet. Now I am taking a break from Unity, and going to learn Android Studio for mobile apps. But later when I'll have time and desire I'll surely come back to my good old inquisitor.
How can I download the latest version of FTB?
The version from 04.06.2017 is avalible here (remember this is an android game): .apk file
What am I going to do here now? Wait for the next posts here and vlogs (PL only) on my Youtube channel.

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