Monday, April 17, 2017

Using Unity assets

Hmmm... How to make an inventory system? 

I can write a lot of code but I am lazy. So what can I do? The answer is Unity assets. There are a lot of ready inventory systems, that just want to be used. I downloaded one of them and then started studying it to fully understand what is it doing. It is necessary to understand, the code written by somebody before to edit it and adapt well. So first of all I had to delete useless for me parts of code add new statements and functions. And now my first prototype of equipment is working (I mean it is doing something). Now it just needs to be developed. My next goal is to add some NPC's because new Sprites arrived from Michał.

1 comment:

  1. Assets are great way to get working fast prototypes. Glad to hear that you performing so well with Unity environment ;)

    Kind regards,
    Artur "ekhart" Dębkowski