Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Java User Group meeting

 In general

Today I was taking part in meeting for Java users. It was a meeting organized by Java User Group Poznań and named JUGademy. That was the 3rd meeting of this group but for me it was first programming meeting ever. I really recommend that kind of events, they are amazing.

Why Java?

Mainly because after the end of "Daj Się Poznać 2017" competition I am going to write few Android programs so Java knowledge will be required for me.

Can I join next meeting?

Yes of course. The meeting is free and open for everybody. To find out, when Java Users Group is meeting and join it visit this website.  The meeting is taking place in Poznań, for now at the Poznan University of Technology

What were the presentations today about?

#1. Clean code/ Jarosław Cellary

Presentation based on book: "Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship" written by Robert C. Martin. So simply the lecture was about how to use comments, functions and generally naming to keep your code clean.
"You are not writing clean code for computers, you are writing clean code for yourself"
About Jarosław Cellary: Lead Software Engineer in Fandom powered by Wikia (one of the biggest website in USA) and graduate of Poznan University of Technology.

#2. How to make an application in Spring Boot / Mariusz Kopylec

Mariusz Kopylec presented us how to create a web application based on Spring Bot. He was coding live and while coding you could ask him questions about it.

About Mariusz Kopylec: Java Software Engineer in Allegro (Polish version of Amazon). He is a specialist in Spring. He has written open-source library based on Spring Boot, that you can find on his GitHub account.

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