Thursday, March 2, 2017

ReSharperC++ licence for contestants

I saw yesterday, that Piotr Wandycz published on his blog (click), that he wrote to JetBrains with request for ReSharper for contestants (more details and license here). He succeed, I wrote a comment under his post asking about the C++ version of this program. Piotr replied and asked for contact. After consultation with Piotr I wrote to JetBrains for ReSharper C++ license and ....... I succeed.
I got a multi user evaluation key for 2 months. I was happy about it and I wrote to Maciej Aniserowicz with request for help with informing other contestants. Now the most important part.

How can I get ReSharper C++?

  1. Write to me an e-mail :
  2. Download ReSharper C++  click
  3. Open Visual Studio
  4.  You will see the window, that is above the list.
  5. Now click the plus to add Licence Key
  6. And select license key that I sent you (like on window under the text)
  7. Click "Add" and close
  8. Congratulations now you can use ReSharper C++ (2 months only)
GL&HF in your projects
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Thanks to JetBrains for supporting competition "Daj Się Poznać"

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