Friday, March 3, 2017

Main concepts

And finally came the time for the first post about my game. I was inspired by Jacek Piekara's books about inquisitor named Mordimer Madderdin. First of all I wanted to make a game about Christ, that has came down from the cross (exactly as it is in the book's universe), but then I realized, that it is too much for me, and I am not able to make such a big 3D game. I gave up with games. I tried to learn something about making websites in HTML with CSS and JavaScript (with some JQuery). Then I heard from Mateusz Kupilas known also as JavaDevMatt, that Maciej Aniserowicz is organizing a programming competition. I decided to take part in it just for myself. I am not thinking about winning in this competition, but just about finishing my project and learning more about real programming in projects bigger that a 50 lines (console program).

First concept art of my Christ game made by my friend

And here are my assumptions:
  1. 2D (I am not ready for a 3D game yet),
  2. Main character will have dark side (idk how big it will be),
  3. Sprites will be hand-drawn (I know a good drawer and it will be funny to do these with him),
  4. The game will be similar to, a platform games,
  5. Music will be composed by me. 
I am hope, that all of them will be accomplished more or less.
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Have a nice day ;)


  1. Fingers crossed about your project. Just be patient, systematic and you'll definitely achieve your goals. I'm also trying to make games so it'll be good to me to watch your progress, and maybe help each other ;)

    1. Thanks for feedback and the same to you. I am sure that I will watch your progress in my free time.