Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It's time to begin, isn't it?

Hi, I was waiting for this day since I've found out that Maciej Aniserowicz is organising a competition named "Daj Się Poznać", that's also the reason why I established this blog. I hope that it will give me a lot of fun and I won't stop writing it after this competition.

Now something about my project. I'm going to make a platform game for Android devices, and "making" is not a coincidence here. I used make because my programming skills are not prepared for such a big project. I know that I will be proud of myself when I will finish it. I am so excited about making these sprites, music, and story. And at the same time I hope that by writing code for my Unreal Engine 4 actors I will expand my knowlege and programming skill. It will be hard, but it is worth my time.

I know that I will find some time to write posts here and start making my game, but sadly I'm not sure if I will finish it in time. That's because of school lessons (sometimes till 5p.m.) tests, shorttests etc..
Also right after Easter I will have to worry about Middle school tests. Luckily I'm a laureate of physics competition, that gives me free entry to whatever high school I want.

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Greate thanks to Maciej Aniserowicz for organising such a big competition, only announcement motivated me so much, that I decided in a moment to take part in it.

Check out also his blog (in Polish) : Devstyle

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